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Lads, it's time to unleash the big kid inside! Blackpool's famous for three things: up for it ladies, massive nights out, and of course the legendary Pleasure Beach. One of the most iconic theme parks in the UK, the Pleasure Beach is the ideal place for your stag party to get some fresh air and adrenaline after your Friday night taste of the town's forbidden delights!

Our Blackpool Pleasure Beach pass sorts the Saturday in spectacular style. You get a special wristband, which entitles you to unlimited free ride entry all day long. The beauty of it is, there's no time you need to arrive by and no time limit. The Pleasure Beach is open during daylight hours between March and the end of October (it also opens weekends in November), so all you have to do is round up the boys when those hangovers have abated enough to jump on a rollercoaster!

Scare the willies out of the whole stag party with a go on the amazing Big Dipper - which is so old it's got an actual blue plaque commemorating its creation in 1923. Ooer. Or go modern with the ball-shrivelling drop on the Ice Blast - a terrifyingly tall 'power shot' ride, which shoots you 180 feet up on a powerful blast of air. Yikes!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is full of the obligatory seaside fun, too - amusements, snack stalls, bars, restaurants and shows. Get involved with the traditional British stag do at its best!

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Pleasure Beach

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