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Thrill rides at the Pleasure Beach not enough to get your stag party going? Prefer to put some lead in yer pencil with a bar-centric activity? Gents, we've got just the thing. Hold on to your sombreros - it's tequila time!

We've sorted you a reserved area at one of Blackpool's busiest bars, where a resident tequila expert will give you the skinny on the mezcals, agaves and reposados you're about to drink. Find out how tequila is distilled, what the tequila worm really is and why you won't get high on Mexican loony juice no matter how much you drink. Then pound six shots of the legendary party starter in a pair of blind taste challenges, and forget everything you've just learned!

That's not all you get, either. When your stag party rocks up to the venue, you'll find a table full of tequila cocktails waiting to wet your whistles. Your host gets a few hilarious icebreaking games started, so by the time you get to the shot test you'll be raring to go!

This is one of our favourite Blackpool stag party events. Get a headstart on the night out, and grab some extra bar time into the bargain. Tequila, it makes you happy...

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Tequila Tasting

This Package Includes

  • Tequila Tasting
  • 3 Course Meal
  • Night Club Entry
  • Accommodation

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