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Get frisky with the whisky in this inspired stag party event! Your group will be treated to a fascinating insight into the world of sour mashes, single malts and blends - but most importantly, you get a free cocktail and six world whiskies to jump start your celebrations!

You and the boys will be welcomed at this central Blackpool bar by friendly, whisky expert staff - and a showpiece cocktail designed to illustrate just how versatile the spirit really is. While you're necking your first drink of the session, and embarrassing the crap out of each other with whisky-related tales from your misspent youth, your shot challenges are being put together...

In two blind taste tests - each one of which features three killer shots - you'll be asked to identify styles and price ranges, to see if you've been listening to what you've been told! Top of the class gets crowned whisky boffin, while the no-hopers in your stag party are further humiliated with ingeniously silly booby prizes. It's the perfect opportunity to take the piss out of your mates, learn some fun pub friendly facts and drink an assload of quality booze before you hit the streets of Blackpool. Amazing.

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Whisky Tasting

This Package Includes

  • Whisky Tasting
  • VIP Strip Club Entry
  • Accommodation

From £105.00

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