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Funniest Stag Names & Nicknames

For every man in the world getting married is one of the biggest things in his life. Also, getting married means that you are going to lose your bachelorhood!! Therefore we celebrate a stag do as a mark of the end of single life for the groom!

Now folks in The UK do it the best...but various parts of the world are also taking up this tradition and have come up with their own versions.

So here is a list of various names, that have been assigned to the stag do, by multiple cultures and countries in the world -

America and Canada - The Americans call their stag do a bachelor party. The event is not that big in America and generally lasts over a night party. The best man here, arranges for a secret activity for the groom in the party!!

Germany - German grooms-to-be celebrate their final nights before marriage with a carnival called 'Junggesellenabschied'. When translated this term means "farewell to bachelorhood" of the groom. This stag party is then succeeded by, a party for the future husband and wife, called Polterabend, where the guests traditionally break old porcelain which is to be treated as a symbol for good luck.

France - In France, the stag do for the groom-to-be is called 'enterrement de vie de garçon', which when translated means "the burial of the life as a boy". This implies that the boy is about to become a man after getting married.

Hungary - In Hungary, grooms-to-be have a "legénybúcsú", which, similarly to the nicknames mentioned above for stag parties, represents the last days of freedom, before tying the knot and making the final promise of love.

Australia - In Australia, the bachelor party is called "bucks night" which is very similar to the name stag night.

Slovenia - In Slovenia, a stag party is called "fantovščina", a derivative of the word "fant", meaning a boy, which implies the end of boyhood and beginning of manhood.

So there we go, various stag names for different types of stag parties in the world!!

Back to articles Date Posted: Wednesday 22nd August 2018 Author: Julian