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Epic Stag Do Challenges

If you are done with the pranks and stag games and want to venture out new things for your mate’s stag do then check out these epic challenges and stag night games ideas that will rock your stag night party:-

#kids play

Ask the groom to get a woman's number, but she should definitely be over 50 years old! Seeing him trying to break through his shyness will be epic!

Allow a stranger in and challenge him to beat any of you stags in a push-up challenge! If any of the stags lose, they have to buy him a drink.

The groom has to find a girl who has the same name as his fiance. The next step is to convince her to buy the groom a drink.

Think of some great stag costume ideas that are naughty enough, and dare the groom to wear them.

Get the stag to convince a lady that the best man is actually the best man for her! Do everything you can to make her accept it.

#getting tricky

Steal a random strangers drink, and drink it down without getting caught. Try to avoid a fight!

Wanna use those muscles? Bring in the biggest guy in the bar and challenge him to beat you and the stags in an arm wrestling competition!!

The groom has to find a bachelorette and tell her that he is a groom-to-be. Then he has to convince her to dance with him!

#the nastiest for the last

Ask the groom to leave his mother-in-law to be, a drunken voicemail, at 4 A.M.!!!

Feeling excited already? Whatever you do must stay with the guys. These games are all fun but if you find that your mate is about to do something stupid then intervene at once!!

Back to articles Date Posted: Monday 8th October 2018 Author: Julian