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Stag Party Games

The Stag party, also said to be the final blow to your freedom, has to be something that you and your fellow stags remember for a long time! Why not try everything out so that you can make some fantastic memories. Here are some of the best stag party games that will make your party rock!!

Strip Flip - The simplest of all games, this one is pretty popular. The rules are that the stags have to form a circle, and each one of you has to toss a coin. Call for the coin and give it a flip. Win: Pass on the coin. Lose: Strip!! The situation can be pretty embarrassing and fun if you are in a club...

Kings Drinking Game - Keep an empty glass in the centre and spread out a row of cards around it. Then everyone has to grab different drinks of their choice. One stag picks up a card, if it is a king he has to pour some of his drink in that glass. The last person to pick a king has to gulp that drink mix!!

Never Have I Ever - We are all familiar with this game and playing it on the stag night would be the ultimate fun. You will also have flashbacks to your university days, where these games were the only things you wanted to play. Start the revealing!!

Dead Ants - Want to make your adventure ride even more interesting? Play Dead Ants! Whenever the best man screams dead ants all you stags have to play, well..dead ants. Drop on the ground, while you are on a train, in a club or doing a muddy activity!!

Whatever you do, just make sure that you have the most fun time with the lads!!

Back to articles Date Posted: Thursday 16th August 2018 Author: Barry O'Neil