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There's archery and then there's exploding archery in Bournemouth! Gone are the days when stag parties had to be satisfied with simply burying an arrow in the bullseye. Now you can see and hear the whole target explode on impact. Boom! You'll feel like you're kicking serious amounts of ass in a medieval siege. Game of Thrones fans will love it.

You can only try exploding archery in a couple of UK locations and Bournemouth is one of 'em! Stag parties master the basic archery shot under the watchful eye of a professional instructor before competing to see who can score the maximum number of points. On arrival, everyone gets a bow that suits his size and weight so it's a fair competition.

The targets become progressively smaller and harder to hit as your skill and confidence grow. Can you keep a cool head and a steady hand when your fellow stags are trying to throw you off your game?

This is a great way to keep the lads entertained, master a new skill and experience the lush Dorset countryside. Fill your lungs with fresh air and enjoy the pyrotechnics!

Archery stag parties in Bournemouth include:

  • Professional tuition from qualified instructors
  • Equipment hire
  • Targets
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