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Do a bar crawl with bunny girls or beer maids and have the kind of Bournemouth stag party you secretly really want! Tour the pubs, head over to strip club to see more hot girls, and then do a club at the end of the bar crawl. Bournemouth has a quality nightlife scene. Hit it with these lovely ladies and live the player lifestyle for one amazing night.

Bournemouth town centre is full of pubs and bars. The party girls know the town's nightlife scene inside out. They'll take you to the best bars and pubs, get you to do drinking challenges, and hand out prizes. The Bar Crawl Babes also handle the stressful parts of a stag party, like the kitty. Leave it to the girls - they'll get everyone to cough up, take charge of the cash, and use it to pay for drinks, strip club, and the rest.

You can do a bar crawl any old time. This is a Bournemouth stag party for God's sake! When you're planning a lads' weekend by the sea, you need something better than just a bog standard pub crawl. Give the stag a sendoff he'll really thank you for.

In brief:

  • Go out in Bournemouth with the Bar Crawl Babes
  • Bunny girls/beer maids do the bars with you
  • Stag gets a costume as well
  • Includes a strip club visit
  • Drinking games for everyone
  • Amazing offers on drinks
  • Get into one of Bournemouth's most popular clubs
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Beer Beer Beer

  • Craft Beer Tasting
  • Fully Loaded Friday
  • Bar Crawl Babes
  • Accommodation

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