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We've got the best idea for your stag do: Battlezone Archery. Our new favourite event for Bournemouth stag weekends brings archery and dodgeball together in one epic battle. No one gets hurt. The business end of the arrows used in this game are rubber, and your heads are protected. Fire away and pick off the members of the other team one by one. Or knock the balls off their cones. Achieve either goal and the game is yours. A match has five games and each one is different. Who's got the stamina, skill and speed to smash this?

Grudges will be settled. Payback? Hell yes. Couple of curved balls for the stag? Absolutely. The event instructors will give you all the details when you arrive, split you into teams, hand out the weaponry, and issue headgear to each archer. When you know the rules and have warmed up with a bit of man grunting and roaring, it's time to nut up and dish out some punishment!

There's some stuff that has to be done on Bournemouth stag weekends. Beach, Bournemouth pier zip line, Boscombe bouldering, massive pub crawl of the town centre. All of them are good but they're not in the same league as Battlezone Archery. It's not every day you get the chance to legitimately shoot your friends. It really would be rude not to do this. Sign up and go crazy.

In a nutshell:

  • Go into battle with bendy bows and arrows with rubber points
  • 6 to a team
  • 1 match of 5 games
  • Battlezone Archery, paintball and dodgeball games
  • Event is run by experienced instructors
  • Tournament-style event is available for bigger groups
  • Everything you need to go into battle is provided
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