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Chaps looking for a fancy-dress filled fun way to spend an afternoon by the sea need look no more! Footgolf is the latest stag weekend craze, and it's perfect for gents with a shaky head. If you've clinked one too many cocktail glasses on the Friday, a brisk 18 holes of this challenging new sport will be right up your alley.

So what's it all about? Take the best bits of golf (the glorious links, the fresh air, the tricksy holes), bin all the boring stuff and make the hole big enough for a football. Corner kicks to start, dead ball strikes only and it's the first man with his pig's bladder in the cup who takes the trophy.

Our Bournemouth footgolf course is right in the middle of town, on a beautiful links just a couple of kilometres from the sea. Tee up and may the best man win!

Collared shirts, baggy plus fours and the loudest socks on the planet are the proper form for a round of footgolf. Trainers only please, fellers, and no football boots. Studs are an unfair advantage, donchaknow.

Having one over the eight is easy to do in Bournemouth, which has shed its blue-rinse rep to become one of the hardest-partying towns on the south coast. Get your stag party back up to par with a stimulating round of the newest sporting phenomenon!

In a nutshell:

  • Brilliant footie-golf combo
  • Great for fancy dress
  • £10 per person refundable deposit
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  • Footgolf
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