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Bournemouth's become something of a stag party haven in the last couple of years, thanks to a massive nightlife scene and some smoking hot local lasses! Forget the blue rinse brigade, this is now a town that caters to everything an about-to-be-married gent could want from his weekend. And that includes plenty of naked lady flesh up in your face.

For an activity that keeps the boobies front and centre, but loses some of the sleazy strip club feel, have a bash at a nude life drawing session! You'll get an hour in an art studio in the middle of Bournemouth, complete with tutor, all the equipment you need to create a masterpiece and of course the model herself.

She's super-hot, all natural, and loves nothing more than whipping up a quick-fire series of alluring poses for you to pencil! Draw fast and draw smart if you want to capture it all.

The model changes pose frequently so everyone gets plenty of opportunity to see the best bits. At the end of your nude life drawing session, she'll give marks to your efforts and pick her favourite scribble. Paying close attention to another lady's pleasing parts was never so easy to get past the mrs!

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Life Drawing Class

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