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Raise a glass to the groom and learn something new with our brilliant whisky tasting session! You'll find out why only some whisky has an 'e' in its name, how single malts and blends are distilled, and what the difference is between bourbon and Scotch. Plus, you'll get drunk as a monk. What more could you want from a Saturday afternoon in Bournemouth?

Your whisky tasting package starts with a classic cocktail, and a few games designed to get the ice well and truly broken. Find out which feller on the stag weekend has the most embarrassing whisky-related story to tell, swap a few reminiscences of your own, and listen to a whisky expert giving you the lowdown on the spirit while your tasting challenges are prepared...

Everyone gets to blind taste test six shots of premium whisky, in two challenges: the first to see if you can spot differences without help, and the second to see if you can remember all the whisky-related info you've just been given! Low marks get booby prizes, and everyone else gets to take pictures and video of them making arses out of themselves. So what's it to be? Single malt, sour mash or rye?

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Whisky Tasting

This Package Includes

  • Whisky Tasting
  • Dog Racing
  • Accommodation

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