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You're planning a Bratislava stag do. This calls for an absinthe night! The legendary green loopy juice is still hard to find in most places, but not Slovakia, where bars and clubs serve it freely. Meet the famous 'green fairy' and find out what all the fuss is about. We'll hook you up with a local guide who will whisk you all off to a bar where you'll get two absinthe shots and a soft drink each.

Go on an absinthe night and you'll be able to say you actually learned something on your Bratislava stag do! You'll discover the right way to drink this massively alcoholic, anise-flavoured spirit. It's around 70% ABV, which basically means it'll blow your head off. Most vodkas are 40%.

Explode a few myths and find out how absinthe tastes. The answer to that is, kind of herby. Think anise, fennel and wormwood-the ingredient that is supposed to make absinthe hallucinogenic. Does it really? Will you see green fairies on your Bratislava stag do? Only one way to find out! Sign up for absinthe night, get a taste of the green stuff and see what happens.

In brief:

  • Absinthe night in Bratislava city centre
  • 2 absinthe drinks each
  • 1 soft drink each
  • Local guide
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