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Remind the groom why he's got eyes with this stunner of an after-dinner event!

In Bratislava, you don't hand around port and cigars when you've finished munching your way through multiple courses of man-food: you pop into the back room of a bar and watch sexy ladies doing things with each other...

The ultimate in stag party presents, this one really is the gift that keeps on giving. No red-blooded feller worth his salt is going to pass up the opportunity to get front row seats at this show!

Because it's private, you get extra hot routines - and there's no danger of being too far away from the good stuff. We'll set your stag party up in a dedicated room, and leave you to enjoy the delights of spicy girl on girl action. If there's a closed mouth in the place by the end of the show, there's something medically wrong with you!

Slovakian girls are famously spectacular - long legs, perfectly formed booty and amazing Slavic eyes. They're also legendarily open-minded! Find out just how far they're willing to go in the name of a good time, and remember - don't tell the Mrs...

In a nutshell:

  • Private lesbian show
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