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Want to be the lad who planned the most badass Bratislava stag do ever? Two words: extreme shooting. You will learn how to shoot an AK47, a Skorpion, a Glock, a sniper rifle, and a Magnum revolver. This is real shooting with a bunch of famous firearms and 101 bullets. You can't do shooting like this in the UK, folks. It would be rude not to lock and load in Slovakia.

When it comes to intense activities that get you all jacked up on adrenaline you'd have to go a long way to beat extreme shooting. If you want to take things to the max on your Bratislava stag do, grab a pair of ear defenders and step up to the challenge. Your instructor will show you how to handle each firearm safely before you shoot. Find out how stuff like stance and the way in which you squeeze the trigger can really boost your chances of hitting a target. When you've got the basics down, take a deep breath and see if you can handle the raw power of the AK47!

It doesn't get much more kickass than extreme shooting on a Bratislava stag do. Pop off a few rounds, fill targets with holes and then toast the best activity ever with a round of beers. Job done.

In brief:

  • Extreme shooting package
  • 101 bullets
  • Learn how to shoot safely with a professional instructor
  • 30 bullets with AK47
  • 20 bullets with Skorpion
  • 30 bullets with 9mm Glock
  • 5 bullets with a shotgun
  • 6 bullets with a Magnum revolver
  • 10 bullets with a sniper rifle1 beer each
  • Guide
  • Transfers
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