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Game on!

If you're stuck for Bratislava stag do ideas, footgolf is an excellent choice. The craze that's swept the States has hit Slovakia. This golf and football hybrid is already a massive hit and is growing fast. You play it on a golf course, only with a football and bigger holes. The goal is simple: get the ball in the holes using the least possible shots. If that sounds like your idea of a quality stag activity, tell us when you're in Bratislava and we'll sign you up for 18 holes of footgolf.

Can you perform when the pressure's on? Will you make the right shot choices? A true test of cool, control and skill, footgolf adds a little competition to a Bratislava stag do. It's the perfect activity for a lads' weekend. Footgolf combines all the best bits from the two sports. It's got the tension and anticipation of golf and the energy, passion and precision of football. Genius!

Here's another reason to add footgolf to your Bratislava stag do package: it's the perfect hangover remedy. A game of footgolf will get the lads up, about and out in the fresh air. You can do it if you're feeling a bit delicate and it will get the blood pumping without making you feel like you're going to pass out. Five-a-side can be a bit much after a big night out in Stare Mesto (Bratislava Old Town). Footgolf is a great alternative.

Names down, lads!

In brief:

  • 18 holes of footgolf
  • Fees and ball
  • Guide
  • Transfers
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