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Turbocharge your weekend in Bratislava with a crack at off road karting. Your stag party will be swapping the feeble frame and slick tyres of a standard kart for something a whole bunch more manly!

We're talking massive dirt-munching tyres, rigid frames and roll cages. While the stags with less lead in their pencil tool around the tarmac on their portable hairdryers, you'll be smashing hard-packed berms and laughing like maniacs. Karting just got all growed up.

The perfect adrenaline hit for petrol-junkie stag parties, our off road karting package takes place on a purpose built track just outside Bratislava. Get your bump n grind on over the obstacles, plough through muddy bogs and race into the woods.

The scenery around the Slovakian capital is out of this world - ancient forests, streams, rocky outcrops, pure air. Just the spot for a little quiet reflection. Or you could pound the ass out of it with high-powered mean machines and come home covered in mud and glory. We know which one we'd choose!

An off road karting package is the only way to put some petrol into your stag party's pencil. Ignitions on, gents. It's time to get dirty.

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