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The ultimate in no-nonsense stag party antics, this little beauty is guaranteed to set you up for a great night out! Add it in to either evening for an up close and personal treat for the boys.

The best stag parties are made of beer and boobies. In Bratislava, you can have both on tap! Order a bit of strip show fun and we'll send you a top drawer lady act, chuck in a round of free beers for the lads and give you a private room for some X rated entertainment.

We know all the best stripper agencies in Bratislava, and guarantee genuine, fun-loving girls who put on a great show. Expect saucy antics, stag participation and plenty of value for your Euro!

Why fanny about with lap dancing clubs and big crowds, when you can get the same smoking hot show just for your stag party? Cut out the middlemen and enjoy close quarters access to a Slovakian stunner who's got one thing on her mind: getting her clothes off and showing you what she likes!

In a nutshell:

  • Private stag party strip show in Bratislava
  • Reserved room
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