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We love ten pin bowling. It's a corker of a way to spend an evening with the boys, especially if you're all feeling a bit jaded after a first night spent showing Bratislava how to party!

The key to a successful stag weekend is to ring the changes. You've gone at Bratislava's bars and clubs like a bunch of very excited bulls in a massive booze-filled china shop. You've ripped up the amazing countryside around the city in 4WD monsters, and pumped a full clip of Airsoft pellets into the groom's nuts. Now it's time to chill with the boys, fill in the gaps from last night and rev up the engine to do it all again.

Ten pin bowling puts just the right, ahem, spin on things. You'll get up to four lanes in a bowling alley with spectacular views of the river and Bratislava Old Town, where the beer flows freely and the atmosphere's just right. We recommend drinking White Russians and quoting The Big Lebowski mercilessly. It's the only way to roll.

Bowling's one of the best second-night stag weekend activities we've ever done. Start slow, cure hangovers and combine good old fashioned competition with a few sociable beers. Before you know it, you'll be ready to rock and roll again. Steeee-rike!

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