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Beer, bunny girls, barmaids, strippers - this is a fantasy bar crawl! A Brighton stag do needs something special. Bring the Bar Crawl Babes into your entourage and it will be a proper blowout. Hot, smart, and up for fun and games, these girls know what makes a stag night. There will be beer, shots, challenges, prizes, fancy dress for the stag - all that crazy stuff.

Come on! You're on a Brighton stag do, not a romantic weekend away. Get drunk by the sea in the trendiest town on the South Coast, and have all the trimmings. Here's the best bit: the girls take responsibility for the beer kitty so you don't have to. They're so hot the lads will be falling over themselves to put money in the pot. Once it's full, everything is paid for from it. Boom.

With the girls in charge, the best man can kick back instead of running round trying to organise everything and everyone. The ladies know Brighton's best nightlife spots, bars and pubs, which means you won't waste time trying to find them. You might hit West Street. You could do the Brighton beach bars. This is the kind of Brighton stag do where anything could happen!

In brief:

  • Brighton bar crawl with hot girls in costumes
  • Do Brighton's most popular nightspots
  • Girls collect for the beer kitty and pay for stuff out of it
  • Go to a Brighton strip club
  • Dress the stag as a traditional Bavarian beer maid
  • Get the group into a top club
  • Stuff to win
  • Drinks offers and deals
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  • Bar Crawl Babes
  • 2 Nights Accommodation

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