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Take all the hassle out of organising a stag night in Brighton by jumping on board the party bus. Get round Brighton's best bars in one night. Queue jump entry means no pairing up or splitting the group to get in. Plus you get to keep the band together with ease - and no stragglers means a night on the lash that will go down in legend and song.

The party bus visits 3-4 bars out of a master list of 20. Brighton tours change every weekend so you can be sure of hitting the hottest venues of the month on your stag night. Our hardworking crew of scouts has gone ahead of you to check out what's hot this week - all you have to do is jump aboard and prepare for a night of mayhem and stag party fun!

The bus boasts a cutting-edge soundsystem loaded with music so you can keep the party atmosphere going between pit stops.

Simply turn up at the prearranged place and time, get on and let the driver and road crew whisk you off on a tour of Brighton's best drinking areas. Save money on taxis and avoid wasting time wandering round. This is how the savvy stag party gets its kicks. After all, why would you walk when you can ride?

Stag Party Bus Tours of Brighton Include:

  • Queue jump entry to 3-4 bars
  • All admission fees
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