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Funny, frustrating and fast off the mark, hovercrafts are ideal for stag parties. Take a team of 620cc hovercrafts for a spin round an off-road course just outside Brighton.

Imagine a James Bond style action chase. On acid. In miniature. Sounds like the perfect afternoon activity for a stag weekend, if you ask us, which is why we've made sure to include hovercraft racing in our top picks for a Brighton bash.

Even the best driver in your stag party will have a job controlling a massive air cushion with no brakes. Cornering is pretty interesting! Landing one of these bad boys requires skill, timing and coordination, as you have to do it using only your body weight, a throttle and handlebars. Up for the challenge?

Professional instructors will show the whole group how to control the hovercrafts before letting you all loose on the track. The track sits in 450 acres of West Sussex countryside and is mainly flat but has a few bumps and surprises to make things more interesting. After a few turns around the course, you'll be laughing like crazy men, and of course the after effects of the Friday night will be all but forgotten.

Stag Sessions in Brighton Include:

  • Briefing and instruction
  • All equipment and safety gear
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Ultimate Action

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