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Rum tasting and Brighton go together like Jack Sparrow and, er, rum! This is a brilliant excuse to dress up like pirates, get muntered on primo quality rum and say 'Arrrggh!' alot. An epic stag do is in the offing. Round up the crew, pick a pirate name and enjoy six shots of the good stuff in one of Brighton's trendy bars. Savvy?

Quaff a rum cocktail on arrival and swap embarrassing stories about nights on the sauce that'd make a sailor blush. Your rum buff will give you a potted history about the spirit and how it's made. What's a rum ration? Why did pirates go crazy for rum? Why is it called 'Nelson's Blood'?

No stag party would be complete without a little unhealthy competition! Roll up your sleeves and whet your whistle with a blind rum tasting challenge that'll separate the captains from the cabin boys. Can you tell a top quality tot from a cheap rum? There are booby prizes for those who fail the taste test and the winners get to claim their rightful place at the head of the captain's table for the rest of the stag night.

Brighton rum tasting sessions include:

  • 90-minute masterclass
  • Reserved area for your stag party
  • Rum expert
  • Blind taste test
  • 6 shots
  • Booby prizes
  • Certificates
  • 1 shot for the road
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