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When it comes to stag party activities that take no prisoners, tequila tasting tops the lot. We'll book you and the boys in for a booze appreciation session at one of Brighton's best bars. Knock back six different tequilas, learn the truth about Mexico's national drink and lock horns for the blind taste test. Booby prizes and eternal shame await the losers!

There's more to tequila than shots and shooters. Tequila tasting stag parties in Brighton begin with a classic drink mixed using the spirit. This time you won't have to suck a lemon and knock it back. While you're quaffing your drinks, trade tales about all the embarrassing stuff you've done during a night on the tequila slammers.

Now the ice has been broken it's time to get stuck into the main event: tequila tasting! The bartender will rack 'em up while revealing a whole host of fascinating facts about tequila and how it's produced. Folklore will be demystified and myths exploded. Ever wondered about the worm? Now's your chance to hear the true story behind the legend.

Every great stag do includes a suitably manly challenge! Here's yours:

Do six shots of tequila and identify the superior ones from the cheap stuff.

Down one final shot for good measure and then wind your merry way to West Street, East Street or Black Lion Street. Stag night sorted.

Brighton tequila tasting sessions include:

  • Reserved table in a town centre bar
  • Dedicated tequila expert
  • Intro and welcome drink
  • Blind tasting with 6 shots
  • Booby prizes
  • Certificates
  • 1 shot each to finish
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Tequila Tasting

This Package Includes

  • Tequila Tasting
  • Bar Crawl
  • 2 Nights Accommodation

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