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Level the playing field with a stag party footie match that scores big on fun factor! Bubble Football is a quality laugh for every bloke in the team, whether he's a Lionel Messi or just plain crap. With your whole body above the knee encased in a specially designed plastic bubble (like a Zorb with leg holes), ball skills don't matter. You'll be laughing too hard to kick straight, and bouncing around like a massive drunk pinball. It's awesome.

We've got everything you need to turn your Bristol stag weekend into an epic battle between inflatable Subbuteo teams! We supply the pitch, the bubbles, and a ref, for an hour of unmatchable fun. Bounce, bobble and try desperately to stay on your feet while the best player in the group throws a fit of the sulks because he can't pull of a Cruyff turn.

The rules are simple. Try to play football, laugh like a hyena and bounce the stag into a corner every time he gets anywhere near the ball! If you have a sneaky word with the ref before the match starts, she'll send your boy off every time he moves. Quality.

This is one of our favourite things to do on a stag weekend in Bristol. When you get your bubble on, you'll see why!

We'll supply 10 bubbles for a standard five-a-side encounter, or 14 if you've got more than 10 players in the group. So what's it to be - City or Rovers?

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Bubble Football

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