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A Bristol stag do without craft cider tasting would be a crime!

Craft cider is massive at the moment, but why? What's the fuss all about? Find out we're all mad about the apple with this fun cider masterclass. Get up to speed on the craft cider trend, find out how you make it, and then taste a selection of the best ciders in the South West. You'll try four or five different types of artisan cider brewed the natural way by independents and micro breweries.

Strictly no snobbery! Craft cider tasting is fun, not flashy. You'll learn loads about apple juice for grown ups in a fun, laid-back way. It's a real eye-opener. Find out how cider apples get from the orchard to the bottle or barrel. Discover different aromas and flavours. Cider can be super sharp, sweet, medium, dry, sparkling, red, gold, and black. You can even get cider brandy.

Craft cider tasting is a no-brainer for a Bristol stag do. It's an activity that's all about drinking, which is bound to go down well with the lads. And it's all about cider, which is a big part of Bristol culture, so you'll be able to say you actually learned something about booze on your stag.

In brief:

  • Craft cider tasting
  • 1.5 hours
  • Taste up to 5 different artisan ciders
  • What is craft cider?
  • Find out how cider is made
  • 18+ only
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