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The most merciless, competitive game known to stag, dodgeball brings out the beast in everyone. No more Mr. Nice Stag. Split the stag party into two teams and get mean. Chests will be beaten. Scores will be settled. This is the roughest, toughest game a man can get in Bristol. You'll need seriously big balls to smash it. We're talking massive! Leave the city's cider barges behind for a bit and square off on the court for 60-90 minutes of testosterone-fuelled dodgeball games.

The guys will even tailor the dodgeball games to suit your stag party. Want to gang up on the groom? Have a word and they'll arrange for you to give him a proper pasting with dodgeballs. Otherwise, it's business as usual. You know the drill - pick off the weakest members of the team until only the strongest stag is left standing. Close in on him like a pack of wolves and make that kill! Target taken down, job done.

The boys will be starving and spitting feathers after stag do dodgeball. Hit the showers and then retire to Bristol Harbourside for well-earned burgers, top banter and pints of rocket fuel scrumpy. That's Saturday afternoon smashed. Nice work, fella!

In brief:

  • 60-90 minutes of dodgeball (dependent on group size)
  • Pitch hire included
  • Instructors
  • Games to suit your group
  • Tournament-style event
  • 8 people minimum
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