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Reckon you've got nerves of steel? Can you handle the pressure, as the clock ticks down to zero and this classic escape room threatens to claim your stag party as its victims? The biggest game of its kind in Bristol, it's also one of the best in the country.

Everything about this escape event says 'quality'. The room design is good enough to be a movie set. The puzzles are varied and involving. And the staff, who are always there to help you get the most out of the experience, are totally into the theme. There aren't many stag party activities we can genuinely say are completely original, but this is one of them.

Anyone can run around a room trying to find a key. But can you do it when time is against you and the atmosphere is filled with drama? This is like being inside the best console game you've ever played. Forget who you are on the outside: once the door locks shut behind you, you and your stag party are guaranteed to become desperate action heroes, fighting for every precious second!

Bristol's an awesome spot for an alternative stag party. This escape room makes it even more original! Forget the standard daytime stuff, and do something epic.

Solve the puzzles. Beat the riddles. The room's designed to give 10 players plenty to do, and with only 60 minutes to do it in, you'd better get cracking. Can you keep your cool as the tension mounts?

In a nutshell:

  • Escape room in Bristol
  • 1 hour
  • Maximum 10 people
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