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Forget Kevin Costner. There's only one Robin Hood-a-like you'll be channelling when you loose off your arrow at an exploding target! It's celebrity badass Russell Crowe all the way, and if the boys on your stag weekend aren't doing their best Aussie growls by beer o clock there's something wrong with you.

Your crew will be put through its paces in a practice round led by Bristol's finest archers, who'll show you how to use your strength to work with the bow. Draw a bead, inhale, steady your aim and let fly. Remember, it's the bow that does the work and not the string. Who's got the killer instinct, and who's more Friar Tuck than Hooded Man?

Did we mention the exploding targets? When your shaft hits the bullseye, you'll be rewarded with a pyrotechnic display that'll make you think you just took out a gunpowder barrel. Thanks to some smart technology and a bit of smoke and mirrors, t's wham, bam, thank you ma'am with every score.

There'll be special games designed with stag weekends in mind, and a bit of healthy competition to see who comes out on top. Blow off the Park Street bars for the afternoon and get medieval!

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fancy border Rebel Buggies and Archery

Rebel Buggies and Archery

  • Rebel Buggies
  • Exploding Archery
  • Bierkeller Meal
  • Accommodation

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