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Has your stag party got the balls to beat the Bristol horror escape room? You've seen Hostel and Saw, now live them! This is a proper horror mash-up, based on some of the scariest movies ever. Here's the deal: you've been kidnapped by a crazed serial killer who looks like a blend of Leatherface and that guy off Saw.

He's dragged you off to his cell and is sharpening his knives so he can skin you alive. That could really put the kibosh on the whole stag party thing. Don't stand for it! Time to show this guy who he's dealing with. No one messes with your stag, right? Put your heads together, escape the room and celebrate your freedom with pints on Bristol's famous Park Street.

Before you can head off for said pints, you need to figure out how the hell to get out of a locked cell. This guy might look like a redneck serial killer but he's no fool. He wants your skins and souls, and has cleverly worked out a way to keep you locked up. Use team work and your talents to discover how to unlock the door and escape before he comes back for you...with freshly sharpened tools.

In brief:

  • Horror escape rooms in Bristol city centre
  • Themed on famous scary movies
  • 1 hour to get out of jail
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Horror Escape Room

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