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And now for something completely different: a hovercrafting stag do. Bust a gut laughing as you try and master the art of controlling these weird air cushions at a countryside site just outside Bristol. This is off-road driving at its maddest and most frustrating!

Hovercrafts are basically massive cushions of air capable of travelling over grass, water, mud and even ice. Microlite engines give these ingenious machines the ability to supply 600ccs of pure power. Pair up and charge round a countryside course with hairpin bends, drifting corners, markers and long stretches. You'll be howling with mirth and reliving every single crazy driving computer game you ever played. Think Mario Kart in full on battle balloon shredding mode and you're halfway there!

Even the most confident driver in your stag party will make a right balls up of cornering at first! Half the battle is not laughing so hard you end up spinning out on the water features.

Unbeatable for banter, a hovercrafting stag do will get all the lads laughing and keep everyone entertained until it's time to hit Bristol's bars. For the stag party that wants a dose of fun and fresh air to break up the drinking, this is hard to beat.


  • Safety briefing
  • Instruction
  • Driving helmets

Duration: 1 hour.

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