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Bristol is brilliant for a paintballing stag party. Blow off steam Rambo-style in the Somerset countryside. A cut above the average session, the Bristol version throws smoke grenades, forests and sophisticated markers into the mix. It's like Predator, only without the giant alien. Let the hunt begin!

Located just 15 minutes from the city centre, Bristol's premier paintballing site is pretty impressive stuff. Spend the daylight hours of your stag do playing war games amidst oil drums, dilapidated shelters, bunkers, ponds, dense woodland and open fields.

You get a load of different challenges to complete, meaning your whole stag party can live out its most military dreams in glorious Technicolor. How many seconds do you think you'll be able to maintain your cool in a painty firefight, before you crack and start screaming lines from Full Metal Jacket as you dive blasting through the air?

On arrival at Bristol HQ you'll be kitted out with all the necessary gear and briefed. After that it's straight into classic Capture the Flag, followed by hostage rescue and stronghold missions. The session ends with a stag and best man shoot out. That's the stitch up sorted, then!

Will you go down in a blaze of glory or pick off your opponents like bugs?

Paintballing Stag Parties in Bristol Include:

  • Full camo suits, hoods, goggles and visors
  • Markers
  • 100 paintballs each (more available on site)
  • Game marshals

Duration: half day.

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fancy border Stag v Food

Stag v Food

This Package Includes

  • Stag v Food
  • Paintballing
  • Accommodation

From £192.00

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