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In Britain, we have the pub crawl. In the Czech Republic, they have the absinthe night! If you're looking for different Brno stag do ideas and want to get properly twisted, say the magic word and we'll hook you up with a guide who will whisk you off to three pubs that serve the allegedly narcotic green spirit that tastes like aniseed and smells like licorice. Two absinthe drinks are included in this three-hour bar crawl. A whole bunch of famous artists and writers got royally hammered on this back in the day. Now it's your turn to join their ranks.

There are loads of stories about the legendary green fairy. Put her mythical powers and rumoured strength to the test and sort fact from fiction. Is it really narcotic? Do you hallucinate when you drink it? How do you drink it? That last one we can answer. Or rather the bar staff will when they pour it. Absinthe is not like other spirits. You don't just slosh it into a shot glass and bomb it. There's a ritual that involves a sugar cube, a spoon with holes in it, and water. All will be revealed on absinthe night!

So, would you like to meet the green fairy on your Brno stag do? If the answer's yes, give us your details and we'll set it up.

In brief:

  • Absinthe night in Brno city centre
  • Nightlife guide
  • Bar crawl that includes 3 pubs
  • 2 drinks of absinthe
  • 1 soft drink
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