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You could just go on a plain old boat cruise...or you could do a boat cruise of the famous Brno Reservoir with a stripper! It lasts 60 minutes and you can bring your own drinks. Drop this one in your Brno stag party package, do one of the top attractions and see a gorgeous girl get her boobs out with a beer in your hand. What's not to love?

The Brno Reservoir is the place everyone heads to when the weather's warm. It's a good day trip for a Brno stag party. There are loads of stalls, pubs and places to eat round it. It's literally just outside the city and you can get there by public transport. One of our guides will take you there so you don't need to try and read signs and instructions in Czech. You get the lot here: hikers, swimmers, bikers, anglers-it's one of those outdoor places that's popular in spring and summer. You'll enjoy a nice, chilled boat cruise. Well, chilled until the stripper surprises the stag of course! You know the drill: don't tell him and then take a picture of him gawping when she starts getting naughty.

Get some fresh air, have a couple of beers and enjoy the scenery. There are woods and hills surrounding the lake but we're guessing those will fade into the background when our girl gets on board!

In brief:

  • 60-minute boat cruise on the Brno Reservoir
  • Stripper (15 minutes)
  • Bring your own drinks
  • Transfer (public transport)
  • Guide to take you to the reservoir
  • Apr-Oct
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