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When it comes to great Brno stag do ideas, clay pigeon shooting knocks everything else out of the sky. This is your classic stag activity that always delivers. Who wouldn't jump at the chance to get his hands on a proper shotgun and fire off 20 cartridges at plastic birdies? Everyone will go for this in a big way, from the stag to the bride's brothers. Sporty lads will like it and adrenaline junkies will get a surprisingly big buzz from pulling the trigger and unleashing all that power. No previous experience needed. You can learn the basics of this traditional country sport in minutes. The techniques are simple. Mastering the cool head thing and controlling your itchy trigger finger is a bit trickier!

You'll be picked up and driven to the shooting ground, where you'll be met by instructors who really know their stuff. These guys are passionate about shooting and will teach you how to do everything from stand correctly to rest the gun on your shoulder like you were born to do it. When you're comfortable with handling a shotgun, it's time for the big test: dusting a moving target!

Clay pigeon shooting is the original crowd pleaser. The lads will be well happy when you tell them what you're doing on the Brno stag do.

In brief:

  • Clay pigeon shooting
  • 20 cartridges and 20 clays
  • Transfers (private)
  • Guide will come with you
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