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Has your crew got what it takes to exit the escape room in one hour? There's one way in and one way out. Your job is simply to find it. But you'll soon realise simple doesn't come into it! To get to the end and actually discover the exit point, you need to solve stuff. Puzzles. Riddles. Clues that will have you all scratching your heads and asking 'WTF?' That kind of thing. There are three different escape room games. It's best to play in teams of five. Got a bunch of lads coming on the Brno stag do? If there are 15 of you, and you get your shizzle together and book far enough in advance, you could literally take over the whole venue.

The escape room we've picked for your big weekend is the best in Brno. It's also slap bang in the middle of the city, so you can walk there. But we'll still get a guide to take you over because finding stuff in an unfamiliar city is hassle and that's not what you want on a Brno stag do. Fun and easy is the way forward.

Once in, you'll get a briefing. And it will be brief. Giving the game away is bad and the guys who run the escape room don't like to do that. You'll get a little bit of background but actually working out what the hell is going on? Well, that's up to you lot. It's team work time, lads! Seriously, it's the only way you're going to escape the room.

Reckon you can do this? If you think you're smart and brave enough, come and have a go. We double dare you!

In brief:

  • Brno escape room
  • 1 hour to discover how to get out
  • Complete puzzles and clues to earn your freedom
  • 5 to a team
  • 3 escape rooms at the venue
  • Brno city centre location
  • Guide
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