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Looking for Brno stag do ideas for a load of big kids on the loose in the Czech Republic? If bouncing around a jump park full of big-ass trampolines sounds like your idea of a good time, let us know and we'll book you in for 60 minutes of games and competitions. When you're all bounced out, retire to the bar for a well-deserved beer, which we've included in the cost of your package because the beer over here is hella good!

When the day comes, a guide will take you to the Brno Jump Park on the tram, which is quick and easy to use. When you get there, an instructor will meet you, do the whole safety briefing bit, and show you to the trampolines and pools, which are bursting with foam blocks so you can dive in without breaking your face.

Get your bounce on. See who can jump the highest or longest. Get involved in jumping games. It's all good.

Trampolines were made for stag parties. They've got loads of comedy value, they make you feel giddy, and you can hurl yourself around and bounce all over the place without getting hurt. Kids have all the fun. Now it's your turn.

If you can't do something as bonkers as this on your Brno stag do, when can you?

In brief:

  • Brno Jump Park
  • 60 minutes of bouncing around on giant trampolines
  • Jumping games
  • Competitive element
  • Guide takes you there on public transport
  • Available year round
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