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A lap dance club that also happens to specialise in quality rum. Only in Brno! If you're looking for badass Brno stag activities that involve drinking and hot Czech girls, this is the way to go. Just when you thought a trip to a strip joint couldn't get any better, we add 4 shots of primo quality spicy rum and Cuban cigarettes to the mix. With a recipe like that you know it's gonna get messy. In a good way.

This is two of the best Brno stag activities in one spicy package. A guide will take you to the club, where you'll do rum tasting with an expert who knows it all. Get the facts and find out how to properly appreciate decent rum. Can you tell the difference between one rum and another?

After a few rums you'll be up for a night of hard partying, which is just as well because you are in a lap dance club after all! Brno girls are gorgeous; cool icy blondes and raven-haired beauties with ample assets squeezed into super skimpy outfits are the order of the night.

You won't remember everything about the Brno stag weekend but the bit where you did rum tasting in a lap dancing club should stick in your memory!

In brief:

  • Entry to one of Brno's best lap dance clubs
  • Rum tasting with a rum expert
  • 4 spicy rums for you to try
  • Cuban cigarettes
  • Guide
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