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Shooting with five different machine guns in Eastern Europe? Hell yes!

Take advantage of being on a stag do in Brno and experience the awesomeness of machine gun shooting! This activity will sort work and wedding worries, pronto. How often do you get the chance to try your hand at shooting not just one but several different machine guns in one hit? Round up the troops for a pulse-thumping session at a shooting range located just 20 minutes from the middle of Brno.

No machine gun shooting experience necessary. Professional, English-speaking instructors will show each member of your stag party how to lock 'n load and then release without popping a shoulder or losing your balance. A cool head and a steady arm is a must for machine gun shooting. Watch out for the kickback and don't succumb to itchy trigger finger or you'll fire way wide of the mark. No man wants that blot on his copy book.

During this session you'll experience machine gun shooting with the following firearms:

  • Colt Ruger 38SP (6 shots)
  • CZ 75 compact pistol (10 shots)
  • Scorpion machine gun (10 shots)
  • Semi-automatic Beretta (15 shots)
  • Long rifle (10 shots)

Emerge wide eyed and buzzing like a five year-old after too many cupcakes. Finish with a dirt cheap beer back in Brno and you've got the perfect stag activity.

Machine gun shooting in Brno includes:

  • 2-hour session
  • Ammo
  • 5 different types of gun
  • Safety gear
  • Professional instruction
  • Entry to the War Museum
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