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Unfortunately this activity is no longer available, please see all activities and packages available in Brno.

There's off road driving. And there's off road driving at a Czech military moto park! This place is badass and you're going. They've got all the best activities with a military twist: quad biking, off roading, machine rifle shooting and armoured car rides. You'll be doing all of them in one awesome day that finishes with a beer, because this is the Czech Republic and that's how they roll.

You and the lads will be taken to the military moto park in a private vehicle. This is one of the biggest Army parks in the country; you're in for an epic day full of military-themed awesomeness. Replay all your favourite scenes from war films and video games as you rip round on quads and tackle tracks in big-ass vehicles built for off roading. The instructors will show you what to do and also what the vehicles can do on a track full of bumps, lumps and humps.

Imagine being able to say you shot a machine rifle and rode in a tank on your Brno stag weekend. Imagine no more. Shizzle just got real! Well, it will when you get us to book this kickass package for you. Play with some big boys toys and then get in an actual armoured car for the ultimate ride.

When you've smashed that little lot, it's off to the Army museum for a little knowledge, then chill over a beer. How's that for a plan?

In brief:

  • Driving and shooting fun at a military moto park
  • Quad biking (15 minutes)
  • Off road driving (10 minutes)
  • Armoured car ride
  • 5 bullets with a machine rifle
  • Round of beers
  • Free entry to the military museum
  • Return transfers
  • Guide to accompany you
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