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Come off it ref, he was never offside... After some serious time in the beer halls and bars of Brussels, you lot need to run off some of those Trappist brews. Don the bibs, deploy the wide pass system and lively up your Brussels stag do with a brisk game of 5 a side!

We've found an awesome sports centre just a short drive from Brussels, where you'll get the use of a pitch for a one hour game. Get the boys split up into teams and kick those hangovers into the middle of next week!

How competitive you make the game is up to you. Get a round of heads and volleys going, have a schoolyard kickaround or face off for a proper match! Whatever you do, we recommend taking a halftime break to chase the groom round the pitch and pelt him with footballs. It is his stag do, after all...

It's always a good idea to give the lads a chance to blow off some steam. After a night of much beer and no sleep, even the most laid-back feller can get a little grouchy. Instead of letting the stag do degenerate into hissy fits and back-biting, belt those temper tantrums out of the park with some good solid competition. Everyone will feel much better after a few sweet passing moves, and the boys will come back to Brussels with scores settled and sulks forgotten. Back of the net!

In a nutshell:

  • Brussels stag do 5 a side
  • Pitch hire
  • Balls and bibs
  • Use of changing facilities
  • Return transfers
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Five a Side Football

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