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Grab the opportunity to experience the sweet thrill of autocross on your Bucharest stag do. Perfect for petrolheads, this is way more intense than stuff like karting. Get behind the wheel of a Golf GTI or a BMW and battle it out for first place in the time trials. It's not just about speed. You'll need skill, fast footwork, and balls of steel to smash it. The track has challenges aplenty and you get 10 minutes to prove your worth. What will you do with yours? Whether you're first or last, you'll get a beer afterwards.

This is no free for all. Karting it ain't! Autocross is where drivers go out on the track one at a time and navigate through the various challenges. Stuff like cones, slalom posts, tight corners and long stretches. It's a skills test and because you're driving real cars rather than go-karts, it feels more authentic. Autocross is what you do when you want to enter the world of motorsport. This is an introduction-style session that will get you out there and autocrossing in a short space of time.

Intensely competitive and a big rush, autocross is one of our favourite Bucharest stag activities. Put a driving helmet on, rev your engine, get out there and do the fast and furious thing.

In brief:

  • Autocross competition
  • Battle it out for first place in time trials
  • Track length is 850m
  • VW Golf GTI or BMW
  • Instruction
  • Driving helmet
  • 1 beer each
  • Pickup and drop-off in Bucharest
  • Local guide to accompany you
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