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Bucharest is home to a wide variety of bars-and like any great city, the good ones change from month to month! This is the easiest way to make sure you're partying in the hottest establishments in town. And with 6 hours to find your new favourite pub (plus a couple of free beers to get you started), you're guaranteed to go home happy. Or hammered. Or both.

Follow our nightlife guide into the steamy heart of Bucharest, and be prepared for anything! You could be visiting the legendary English Bar, haunt of spies and upper-class fashionistas, one minute-and heading to a new backstreet pub the next. But one thing's for sure: wherever you go, you'll have a blast.

A stag do in Bucharest is guaranteed to get messy. And when you get messy, you don't always make the most of your surroundings! After a few big beers and a couple of shots, it can be tempting to stay where you are. Warning: if you do this, you will be missing out. Bigtime. Bucharest has so much going on at night, you're going to need a good guide to get the best of it. And you're also going to need plenty of time to tour around all the different pubs, bars, and clubs.

This bar crawl is the answer. The ideal addition to the first night of your stag do in Bucharest, it's a great way to get the hang of the city and find your ultimate drinking spot. Are you up for the challenge?

In a nutshell

  • 2 beers
  • 4 pubs
  • 6 hours
  • Bar crawl in Bucharest
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