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You can't go around taking stuff seriously on a stag do. Now available in Bucharest, bubble football has made the beautiful game even better. By adding slapstick to the mix. Way funnier than watching bloopers on TV and far more entertaining than the average 5-a-side match, this offshoot sport puts players inside whopping great globes. It's a bit like being a hamster in a ball; only your legs are poking out of the bottom. The scene is set for 60 minutes of classic stag antics. Starring you lot! We sort pitch, bubbles, balls and beers for post-match analysis. You get your game faces on and unleash chaos on the pitch.

And it will be pure, unadulterated chaos! Sure you play the game but really, it's only an excuse for the really fun stuff, like picking on the stag by all crashing into him at once, and rolling into your frenemies at speed. Settle scores without hospitalising anyone. Have a go at scoring a couple of goals. It's all good.

There's a time to be seriously competitive. Like the World Cup Final for instance. A Bucharest stag do is not that. Bubble football is side-splitting competitive fun that's good for footballers and non-footballers. Who doesn't love crashing into stuff and bouncing around like a giant beach ball with legs? Exactly. Let carnage commence!

In brief:

  • Bubble football in Bucharest
  • City venue (easily accessible on foot or by public transport)
  • Pitch for 60 minutes
  • Bubbles and ball provided
  • Instructor
  • Beer afterwards
  • Minimum group size is 10
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