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Paintball doesn't have to mean running around in the woods. This indoor alternative is an epic addition to any Bucharest stag weekend. And it has the added advantage of not being dependent on the weather.

Romania can get cold, at certain times of year. And like the UK, it's not always guaranteed to have a scorching hot summer. Avoid the threat of rain by playing your paintball battle inside! We'll take you to an awesome urban paintball location, where you'll be issued with 250 paintballs each and sent on a series of awesome missions.

Indoor paintball is a totally different experience to outdoor battling. There's nowhere to run, and fewer places to hide! If you get caught in an exposed zone, you can't just duck behind a tree or roll into a ditch. It's a case of stand there and take it, or go down blasting!

Play classic games with new twists. Take out the stag in a hail of painty fury. Find cover where you can. The adrenaline levels are guaranteed to reach new highs when you play indoor paintball! We've even provided a referee, whose decisions and game direction can take the tension to a whole other level. Plus, of course, they can sin-bin the stag for breathing, leaving you lot free to blow him away in a hail of colourful bullets.

In a nutshell

  • Local guide
  • All equipment and safety gear provided
  • 250 balls each
  • Referee
  • More balls can be bought on-site
  • Round of post-battle beers
  • Transfers
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