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Welcome to Romania!

A lesbian show is one of those 'don't tell the Mrs' extras that makes a Bucharest stag weekend unforgettable. The sight of two hot girls getting it on is basically the best thing to happen to anyone, ever. Making that happen for your bro isn't easy. That's what you've got us for. We sort this kind of thing all the time and have solid contacts in Bucharest who will set up the best show known to stag.

There are a few different scenarios for this. It could be at a strip club. It might be an after dinner show in a private dining room of a restaurant. Wherever it happens, you know it's gonna be damn good! You'll get all the juicy details when you book.

Convincing your mates to part with money is usually hard work. Tell them a lesbian show with two Romanian girls is on the cards and they'll be throwing their wallets at you. Obviously you don't tell the stag. It needs to be a surprise. Cover the cost of his share and be the best mates a lad could have. He will owe you about a billion beers for sorting this for his Bucharest stag weekend. All you have to do on the night is get the guys to the venue at the right time, which will be the easiest thing in the world. They'll be legging it there!

In brief:

  • Lesbian show in Bucharest
  • 2 super hot girls
  • We organise everything so you don't have to
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