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Seen all the Hungarian beauties you can handle? If you're taking your best mate on a stag weekend in Budapest and want to stitch him up like a kipper, we've got the perfect surprise for him!

Book an anti stripper for the big night out, and get ready for the look on his face when he realises what he's going to see! Or ask her to come round to your accommodation (plenty of hotels and apartments in Budapest allow strippers) when he's least expecting it...

So what is an anti stripper anyway? Think about all the bouncing boobies and perfectly formed buttocks you've seen sliding down poles on a stag weekend. Then try to imagine the reverse!

We can book you roly poly strippers, ugly strippers, old strippers: anything you want that's guaranteed to put out the fire in a drunk man's pants! The girls are top performers, and a right laugh. They'll get your boy dancing, drinking and waving enormous knickers around like a kid in a candy shop.

The perfect stag stitch-up and a completely different way to tick the stripper off your list, an anti strip will have the boys rolling in the aisles for hours. Just remember: you can't unsee it!

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