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Unfortunately this activity is no longer available, please see other activities available in Budapest.

What's more delicious than a massive three course stag party meal? How about a full-on feed including shedloads of booze, with your own personal belly dancers to spice things up a bit? This is the perfect warm-up for a night spent staring at lady bits. Huzzah!

They don't do things by halves in Budapest. You get gorgeous girls wiggling their booty before, during and after the meal - and this being a stag party, there'll be plenty of opportunities to embarrass the main man! Whip out the phones and press record as your groom tries to grind like a pro with the girls and ends up in a drunken heap on the floor.

Your belly dance meal takes place in a popular restaurant in the heart of Budapest. The staff are friendly, the atmosphere is exotic and the girls are beautiful. Plus you get the cost of the dinner sorted when you book, which means no moaning about who ate what and how much extra wine the bride's brother drank.

The stag party dinner is an important part of your weekend. We'd recommend it for the first night, when the lads need a bit of a social occasion to get to know each other. There's nothing like free booze and a grown man trying to belly dance to break the ice!

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