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Hungary's big. Really big. And the bit of it just outside Budapest is also stunning. Pity you're going to smash it to pieces with the fat-tread tyres of the baddest ATVs on the planet!

One of the great things about going on a stag weekend in a country full of open spaces is there's plenty of room to drive over stuff. Our cross country quad biking package puts the awesome into all terrain. Lead the boys on a trail that fords streams, charges up mountainsides and meanders through meadows for an all-singing alternative to track laps. There's an instructor on hand to keep everyone motoring, and an English speaking guide to bridge the communications gap.

This all-season stag weekend activity is just as much fun in the winter as it is in the summer. Bring clothes that can stand the cold, and tear up some snow with the boys!

As well as quad hire, you'll get all the safety gear you need. So saddle up and get ready to go exploring. This is Hungary at its best.

We'll pick your group up from Budapest, and take you back when your cross country quad biking day is done.

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