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Unfortunately this activity is no longer available, please see all the activities available in Budapest.

Tired of the same old stag weekend pranks? Gents, we proudly introduce the ultimate groom-botherer: the drag queen strip!

For laughs that definitely give you lot something to take pictures of, this quality stitch-up can't be beat. It starts out as a hot girl on girl strip show. But when the ladies get down to essentials, your groom is going to realise something's gone very, very wrong...

One of the Hungarian hotties waving her underwear around appears to have a distinctly un-ladylike bulge where her private bits should be!

That's right, chaps, you're going to give your best mate a naughty nudie sendoff like no other. One gorgeous lady, and one pretty man!

The drag queen strip is the perfect stag weekend joke. It's got something for the lads (the groom finding out he's been wolf-whistling at a perfectly-formed man) and something for the stag too. After all, one of the performers definitely is a woman, and one of the hottest in Budapest. You couldn't get a better eyeful if you tried!

Good natured, great fun and as hot as it is hilarious, the drag queen strip will live on in memories for years to come!

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